Let’s TidyUp Your Linen Closet

Today was just an ordinary Tuesday, spent the morning bike riding with my girls and stopping at playgrounds we passed to play.

When we came home for lunch and I glanced at my phone and wondered if something was malfunctioning😂 nope. Marie Kondo just shared my linen closet post in Instagram🤯 Suddenly I was getting more questions and comments than I could respond to, as she has over 3 million followers. Oh my lanta.

I was getting asked everything from where I found a basket to how I folded my sheets . So I made a quick video after my girls were full of lunch and happy🤗 of just how I fold my fitted sheets to keep that closet tidy. Shout out to my mom for teaching me how to fold a fitted sheet when I was a girl🤘

All those letterboard posts joking about how no one knows how to fold a sheet won’t be funny to you either after you watch my how-to video😘

Let me know your thoughts in a comment below😘



Chalk Wall How-To

We really wanted to create a chalkboard wall for our girls to have easy access to another space in our home for them to enjoy together.

Upon buying the chalkboard paint we quickly realized it’s not a quick job. So if you’re thinking of painting your own wall here are some things to take into consideration.

    According to the paint manufacturer, the paint must dry for 3 days before using.
    Before using, you need to prime the wall with chalk by completely covering the entire surface by turning the chalk sideways and covering the wall horizontally and vertically.
    You cannot use a damp cloth on the wall for 7 days.

My understanding is this chalk priming “ages” the paint so that it wipes more easily. You can then draw how ever and wipe with a dry brush or cloth, buuuuut this is about the messiest thing ever and you cannot wipe it with a damp cloth for a week.

Notice HOW chalk covered the floor is 😑 I used yellow chalk because it’s just what we have around the house. I’d recommend white so that your finger nails don’t turn yellow like mine did…

The wall is very chalk covered until you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth, this is why we waited the full week to chalk prime so that we could immediately wipe it clean and get rid of the mess before it got tracked all over the house.

A step the paint manufacturer also recommended prior to painting is to sand the wall smooth of all bumps. So your whole house will get covered in sanding dust. We skipped this step for obvious reasons, so our wall isn’t hgtv perfect, but IMO it’s really not necessary.

We couldn’t, and more importantly, the girls couldn’t love it more!

Today my talented friend Josie, of JS Letter Co., came over and put some scripture up high (where the girls couldn’t reach anyway), so now our wall serves us all😌

Aaaaaaand, here is a terrible picture of the paint we used, because I know you’ll be asking☺️



Update an Heirloom

A few years ago my grandmother passed away. That was a tough loss. My grandfather gave me her jewelry box, in such a large family I felt so fortunate to be given such a special item of hers to keep. I’ve had it for so long knowing I wanted to use it but not sure how to make it mine.

Enter furniture paint. Last summer I painted my hope chest, which was also hers💗 and that realization sparked me to paint the jewelry box.

This was it before I painted it. A window box with black velvet sections inside. The exterior needed an update to become something that represented me.

I used black satin chalked paint. Low odor, easy to use.

After two coats🖤The velvet sections inside are perfect for all types of jewelry✨

Now it not only reminds me of my grandmother, but it suits me too🖤

So the next time you’re passed down an heirloom from someone you love that doesn’t quite suit you, think of how you can put your mark on it so you can treasure it always✨

Coffee Table DIY

After having kids, coffee tables and rugs were kind of a thing of the past. With the girls getting older (😭) I thought I’d maybe test drive the idea of having one again. Our old one was dark and doesn’t fit our current style so I found myself making one with items around the house.

Two wire bins, a stool, sheepskin and a tray. And a gathre mat as a rug😆

Then I arranged them in a triangle to make a group

Added the sheepskin for a good spot to rest your feet (very important for the hubby)

And a tray for a solid spot for coffee and other drinks

And now I’m sold on the idea of having a rug and coffee table up here again, but we can wait to go out and buy them for now😏



Stool from IKEA

Mat from GATHRE

…and a bunch of miscellaneous items, sorry🤷‍♀️

Gallery Wall; How-To

I’m not sure who gets more nervous when I plan to put nail holes in the walls, the walls or my husband😆 I do have a bit of a bad history with accuracy, but everyone deserves a second chance.

I have learned over the years that when you are placing more than 2 items on a wall, you need to lay those items out in a similar space on the ground. This gives you a visual of how the items look together, as sometimes things don’t look in reality as they have in your head. Here’s the space I recently hung a new gallery on. It’s long and narrow with shelf brackets to take into account.

Over the years a collection of frames has been acquired and pieces of art and items with meaning to Christian and I. I spent several weeks collection items, curating a cohesive collection with a theme, feel and look. Piling them up until I had enough to fill the space and the collection felt complete.

Then I measured out a similar space on the floor and mapped out the layout planned in my mind on the floor. I used scrap pieces of wood from my studio to mark where the shelf brackets would be and when it all looked 👌 I snapped a picture. I hung it all when the house was empty (weekday morning when both girls are at school).

To hang the gallery, I began in the middle with that lovely custom banner from JS Letter Co with my #homerobinsnest theme. From there I worked out to the wall edges from side to side, measure and use a level😉. I ended up with this👇

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I hope this gave you some useful tips to give you the courage to makes some new wall holes for yourself🤘😘



Products featured;

Bed frame IKEA

Bonded Leather Mat GATHRE

Custom Banner JSLETTERCO

Suede Slippers BETON STUDIOS


Love In A House PRINT

Let The Art Out Custom PRINT

Linocut PRINTS

Antique Keys from Paris

West Coast Living

This past weekend Christian and I headed to Victoria to visit my brother, Tim, and sister-in-law, Alia. Getting a break from the snowy-white -40c (with windchill) Winnipeg weather for the mild 8 and green Victoria, was so uplifting. I now fully understand why my brother never returned after heading west for university years ago now.

The community and city they live in (Victoria, BC) had such a youthful and vibrant vibe. Every where they took us had such a feeling of local love and coziness. Hygge every where we went. Not to mention amazing local craft beer, Chris was in heaven🍻

We visited countless local shops and boutiques, each filled with treasures and hand curated perfection. We even visited a shop that recently featured one of my @mykateandnorah posts, Pigeon Hole, which was full of the most luxurious home goods and antique treasures. I picked up an antique sight word book for Kate☺️ I have had a few people ask me where to get linen bedding, this shop had heavenly sets I’m lusting over still💗

We found everything from books, to candles, to bedding. A treasure in a jewel of a city✨

It was fun to explore this city and converse uninterrupted with my brother and sis-in-law without the girls, explore the city at leisure and be true tourists, but during our entire trip I couldn’t help thinking how much fun it would be to come back with the girls some day. So now we are boarding our plane heading back to the deep-freeze, refreshed, and ready for lots of hugs and kisses when we return🤗 hope you had a fun weekend too, and stayed cozy✌️

Waste Free Love Day

February 14th is about a month away and I came across something that blew me away. For that one day over 1 BILLION cards will be purchased. That is SO much waste. Sure some will argue that they can be recycled but what is the point of expending all that energy, using all that paper for something over a billion will read and toss? Not to mention chocolate box garbage, flower wrappings…it makes my heart heavy.

So together, let’s make things different. Join our family in the #nocards movement, and if you do give a tangible gift, use reusable gift wrapping that is also repurposable and in the end, compostable is ideal.

It also means a shift in what we think of when love days comes around. Love is humble, never boastful. It’s in the time we spend together, cooking, baking, cuddling, reading, skating, painting, playing, and on. There are so many things we can do with our loved ones (that mean so much more) rather than buy a bunch of stuff that creates a heap of trash.

Head to my Pinterest account for my Valentines Board for more ideas❣️​





flying blind.

I’ll be completely honest. I don’t have a plan here. I never have. I’ve taken a habit to following my gut and it has served me well. My gut lately has been telling me change is due. Again, not really sure exactly what that looks like but I’ll invite you to join along and watch. Hopefully learn. And maybe even grow together.